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Varsity Tutors is a leader in the Denver GRE prep industry for a reason: we provide services to help students increase their study skills as they prepare for the exam. The GRE, or Graduate Record Examinations, is a high-stakes exam that may be utilized by graduate-level programs at schools such as UC - Denver and the University of Denver as one of their admissions criterion. Each program weights the importance of the exam differently, but a good score can only help to set you apart in a crowded field of applicants.

We can help you prepare for this test in one of two ways. First, we can provide a Denver GRE prep course that allows you to study in a collaborative learning environment under the supervision of a knowledgeable instructor. Alternatively, we can find you an expert Denver GRE tutor who can help you prepare for the exam at your own pace. Reach out to us today to learn more about how we may be able to help you!

What topics does Denver GRE prep focus on?

The GRE has a total of three scored sections: Analytical Writing, Quantitative Reasoning, and Verbal Reasoning. Taken together, these three sections comprise about three hours and 45 minutes of testing time. The Analytical Writing section is scored from 0.0 to 6.0 in increments of .5, while the other two sections receive scores of 130-170 in intervals of one. Test-takers have an hour to complete both the Analytical Writing and Verbal Reasoning portions, while you have 70 minutes to complete the Quantitative Reasoning section. All three sections are divided into halves, and you cannot apply unused time anywhere else on the exam.

Your GRE may also have an Experimental or Research section. If present, the Experimental section appears unmarked in the Verbal or Quantitative sections to test out future exam questions. Similarly, the Research section is an optional section that may be administered at the conclusion of the test. Unlike the Experimental section, it is clearly labeled. Since neither of these sections is scored or even guaranteed to appear on any given test, there is no need to waste valuable prep time on them.

Here is a detailed look at what you can expect to see on the GRE's three scored sections:

1. Analytical Writing

The examination's Analytical Writing section is divided into two tasks: one issue task and one argumentative task. The issue task requires test-takers to write an informative essay about a topic drawn from a list that's released before your testing date. The argumentative task requires an analysis of another author's work. Both essays serve to assess your written communication skills, ability to convey complicated information, examine claims, and effectively compose your own arguments.

2. Quantitative Reasoning

The test's Quantitative Reasoning section consists of two separate subsections of 20 questions each. Items may address arithmetic, data analysis, geometry, and algebra. There are three major types of questions on this section of the GRE: multiple-choice, numeric entry, and quantitative comparisons. Some items may demand more than one response in order to earn full credit. This section is written to measure a test-taker's quantitative problem-solving, basic mathematics skills, and understanding of mathematical concepts.

3. Verbal Reasoning

The GRE's Verbal Reasoning section also consists of two separate subsections of 20 multiple-choice items each. There are three types of questions on this part of the test: text completions, sentence equivalence, and reading comprehension. Text completions require you to read a short passage and then select the most logical completion from the 3-5 choices provided. Sentence equivalence items are similar, except that you only have a partial sentence to work with and must choose two correct answers from a list of six choices. Reading comp questions measure how well you digest what you read and whether you can use it to draw conclusions. This section assesses a test-taker's ability to infer information, summarize what they have read, and draw logical relationships.

Why should I trust Varsity Tutors with my Denver GRE preparation?

As noted previously, we can help you get two great test prep options. If you choose a Denver GRE prep class, you'll study on our live virtual platform with a knowledgeable instructor and a handful of fellow students. We vet every teacher we partner with, so you will get a GRE expert who can effectively share their knowledge with other people. Your instructor is also available for private extra help sessions on an as-needed basis.

Many students are surprised by what having other students in the virtual classroom adds to the equation. You can exchange your best tips so that everyone knows what to do on test day. For example, you might try outlining all of the possible issue task topics together so that you are ready for whatever the exam throws at you. Furthermore, you can share test-taking tips to help you eliminate incorrect answer choices if you need to take a guess. Studying with other students is also cheaper, as you can all split the cost of your test prep.

If you would prefer personalized attention, a private instructor may be a better choice for you. A tutor can adapt their teaching style to your unique needs to enhance your study efficiency. You are also free to choose how long you spend on any topic, whether that means going through something you find easy quickly or doing a more comprehensive study of a more challenging concept.

We also design all of our products with your schedule in mind. For example, we offer both two- and four-week courses to help you find something you can commit to attending each week. We also start new courses every week, so there is always a new course to join when you're ready to invest in formal test prep. Likewise, students who opt for private instruction get to study on our proprietary Live Learning Platform that makes face-to-face sessions possible online. You can also set the time of every session for maximal flexibility.

Can I sign up for Denver GRE prep today?

Yes! Educational consultants are currently standing by to answer any questions you have about the Denver GRE prep solutions Varsity Tutors offers. Contact us today for more information!

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