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If you are looking for professional Denver ISEE prep for your student, get in touch with Varsity Tutors. Preparing properly for the ISEE is important for students who are applying to private or independent schools. Many private schools use the ISEE as a way to accurately assess a student's knowledge and whether or not they are up to par with their grade level. There are different levels of the ISEE for different grade levels.

Students in Denver can benefit from getting professional instruction when preparing for the ISEE, whether in a class or during private mentoring sessions. Regardless of where your student is currently standing with regards to their readiness for the test, professional preparation can help.

What will be covered on the ISEE?

Each level of the ISEE will have a few different sections. The different levels and sections will be explained in the following paragraphs.

The Primary Level ISEE is the lowest level of the Independent School Entrance Examination, and it has three levels. Level 2 is administered to students going into the second grade and has as an additional section: the Auditory Comprehension section, in which students are asked questions based on auditory recordings. Level 3 and Level 4 both will not have this section. Level 3 will be administered to students going into third grade, and Level 4 will be administered to students going into fourth grade. All levels will have the following sections: a Reading Section, a Math section, and a Writing sample.

The Lower Level ISEE is administered to students going into the fifth and sixth grades, the Middle Level ISEE is administered to students going into the sixth to eighth grades, and the Upper Level ISEE is administered to students going into any high school grade. They all have the same outline.

The first section will be the Verbal Reasoning exam, which will assess English language skills. Students will have 20 minutes to answer 40 questions. The next section will be the Quantitative Reasoning exam, which will assess quantitative math skills. Students will have 35 minutes to answer 37 questions. The next section will be the Reading Comprehension exam, which will focus on vocabulary and students' reading comprehension skills. Students will have 35 minutes to answer 36 questions. The next section will be the Math Achievement section, which will assess math operations skills. Students will have 40 minutes to answer 47 questions. The last section will be the Essay. Students will have 30 minutes to write an essay based on a prompt that will be presented to them. The Essay section will focus on assessing students' writing skills. Each level will have questions with different difficulty levels, which will be age-appropriate.

What kind of Denver ISEE prep is available for my student?

There are a number of ways your student can prepare for the ISEE. Many students prefer to take a Denver ISEE prep course. An ISEE prep course can give students the opportunity to study everything they need to know for all sections of the ISEE. By taking a course that is administered by a trained instructor, they can make sure that they do not leave anything out of their studies.

There are two ways to take a Denver ISEE prep class. You can sign up for a class that lasts for two weeks a class that lasts four weeks. This will depend on how much preparation you need. You can take the class during your free time, whether that be on weekends, during your lunch hour, or after school. You can take them from the comfort of your own home because these classes are administered over the internet (however, they are administered live and in real time).

Studying in a class will give your student the benefit of social interaction with other students. This is not helpful just for the social aspect but also for its educational benefits. Interacting with other students can help a student gain new perspectives and think of new ideas which they may not have thought about if they were studying alone. The class instructor can create lesson plans that ensure that all aspects and topics of the ISEE are covered in a comprehensive manner. The instructor can also answer questions that students have. All students can benefit when one student asks the instructor a question, as it can bring to light difficulties that were not apparent right away.

Another option is signing up for study sessions with a private Denver ISEE tutor. A private instructional mentor can take your student's needs into account more than a class instructor ever can. A private instructor can give your student 100 percent of their attention and resources. Your student's mentor can come to understand what pace is the best for your student and what their learning style is. This can help them organize lesson plans that are a good fit for your student.

Another benefit of private mentoring is flexibility. Although an online class offers a certain level of flexibility, private mentoring is even more flexible. A private instructor can come to your student's house so that your student won't have to commute anywhere. We can find a private instructor who has availability that matches your student's. In addition, you can schedule as many study sessions as you need. This way, as long as you start your study sessions early enough, you can schedule as many sessions as you need until your student feels ready for the ISEE.

How can I get my student started with Denver ISEE prep?

When looking for professional Denver ISEE preparation, contacting Varsity Tutors is the way to go. We can connect you with a private mentor for your student, or we can enroll your student in the next available class. Regardless of whether your student needs a quick brush-up or an intensive, in-depth review, we can get you started as soon as possible. Reach out to our educational directors today so we can get your student on the right path for their upcoming ISEE.

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