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Question of the Day: EMT Paramedic

You are have just administered norepinephrine to a cardiac patient. You can expect all of the following effects except for:
a decrease in the heart's workload.
an increased heart rate.
an increase in peripheral resistance.

Emergency Medical Technician Paramedics save lives every day. If you want to become an EMT Paramedic, you must pass a certification course that holds you to very high standards. You can find many great EMT Paramedic training programs at higher education institutions, but you must also pass a certification exam that proves you have been rigorously trained to help those in distress. You must complete 1,000 hours of coursework before taking the EMT Paramedic certification exam, which means that you should have a great deal of information already. However, Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools can help you prepare for the EMT Paramedic certification exam. Many of these tools, such as Question of the Day, are formatted like the exam itself to help you study.

As you work toward your EMT Paramedic professional certification, you need to get in the habit of daily test review. Cramming at the last minute will just leave you feeling unprepared, tired, and anxious. EMT Paramedic Question of the Day is one of the great Learning Tools offered free online to help you prepare for this certification test.

Question of the Day for EMT Paramedic updates every single day of the week with a new question. The questions are based on older EMT Paramedic certification questions, so you can use this tool to get very familiar with how the multiple-choice certification test will be formatted. When you answer this question, you not only see whether you got the answer right or wrong, but you can compare your answers over time as you use this tool during your daily test practice. The answer page features a pie chart that shows you your percentage of correct answers and incorrect answers. You can watch your correct answers improve, and find areas that require more study. You can also see how well other EMT Paramedic students are doing, to help motivate yourself with some healthy competition.

One of the great features on EMT Paramedic Question of the Day is the timer feature. This feature shows you how long you spent thinking about and answering Question of the Day. While you do not have to answer this multiple-choice question in a specific amount of time, the certification exam itself is timed. You can use the timer feature to reduce the time you spend on each question every day, so you can not only answer exam questions accurately, but quickly.

If you scroll to the bottom of the answer page, as well, you can see a detailed explanation of the correct answer. Even if you got the answer right, this explanation can offer new information and insight into why the answer is correct. With more thorough information, you can answer similar questions correctly in the future. Daily EMT Paramedic test review with this information helps you become more informed about your field to help you with your professional work later.

When you use Question of the Day as part of your free EMT Paramedic practice, you get a host of useful tools and information so you will be very prepared for your professional certification exam.

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