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You can get ready to take the LSAT with an in-depth LSAT course set up for you by Varsity Tutors. Your LSAT class will take place online in a small group setting that replicates the traditional classroom learning experience. Or, you may also be interested in taking LSAT courses in a one-on-one setting. You can sign up for individual LSAT classes with an experienced instructor easily by contacting us today. Or, if you'd like to get more information about how an LSAT prep course could help you pursue your test goals, read on.

The Law School Admission Test, or LSAT, is the most commonly taken law school admissions exam. The test was designed to assess how prepared a student is to tackle law school curriculum that can be rigorous. To that end, the exam has three main sections that cover the topics of Reading Comprehension, Analytical Reasoning, and Logical Reasoning. Performing well on the LSAT could have a massive influence on your law school applications. A high score could get you into higher-ranked law schools and may also earn you additional scholarship offers. That's why a strong test preparation process is vital as you prepare to take this test. Varsity Tutors can help you do that with an LSAT prep class or LSAT tutoring.

Below, you'll find more information on the LSAT format:


# of Sections


Reading Comprehension


35 min

Analytical Reasoning


35 min

Logical Reasoning


70 min

Unscored Random (from previously listed topics)


35 min

LSAT prep courses may be the right fit for you if you've previously enjoyed learning in a traditional classroom environment. LSAT prep classes give you all of the benefits of the classroom learning experience with the convenience of online education. You'll be able to interact with your peers and can even work with your instructor individually when you need extra help with a challenging topic.

Or, you may prefer working with your educator individually. In this case, LSAT tutoring may be the right fit for you. This option gives you the chance to get a customized lesson plan from an expert on the LSAT. You can work through each lesson at your own pace and stop to ask for additional guidance whenever you need it. This style of test preparation assistance may make your study sessions more effective and efficient overall.

Here are the content areas you'll encounter while taking the LSAT:

  • Reading Comprehension
    • The application of information in the selection to a new context
    • Principles that function in the selection
    • Analogies to claims or arguments in the selection
    • An author's attitude as revealed in the tone of a passage or the language used
    • The impact of new information on claims or arguments in the selection
  • Analytical Reasoning
    • Comprehending the basic structure of a set of relationships by determining a complete solution to the problem posed (for example, an acceptable seating arrangement of all six diplomats around a table)
    • Reasoning with conditional ("if-then") statements
  • Logical Reasoning
    • Recognizing the parts of an argument and their relationships
    • Recognizing similarities and differences between patterns of reasoning
    • Drawing well-supported conclusions
    • Reasoning by analogy
    • Recognizing misunderstandings or points of disagreement
    • Determining how additional evidence affects an argument

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