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If you would like to get high-quality Washington, DC ISEE prep assistance for your student, contact Varsity Tutors today. Choose from options that fit your student's preferred way of learning and your family's schedule. We have ISEE prep courses and also offer one-on-one ISEE tutoring. You can even choose to have your student spend time studying in both of these settings.

The ISEE (Independent School Entrance Exam) is a standardized test that provides admissions professionals accurate insights into your student's abilities and personality. It's one of the pieces they look at along with other application materials. Whether your student would prefer to take part in a Washington, DC ISEE prep class or work with an ISEE tutor, or both, we can support them as they work towards preparing to do their best on test day.

What subjects can be covered in a Washington, DC ISEE prep class or by an ISEE tutor?

To provide an accurate and precise measure of your student's abilities, there are six levels of ISEE. For the youngest students, there are the Primary 2, 3, and 4 Level tests, given to students entering the grade number in the test's title. As students get older, there are the Lower, Middle, and Upper Level tests, given to students entering grades 5 or 6, grades 7 or 8, or any year of high school, respectively. We'll see a quick overview of the three Primary Level exams first and then look at the latter three.

Primary Level 2 has a unique Auditory Comprehension section, where they listen to passages and answer questions about them. All Primary Levels have a Math and Reading section with multiple-choice questions testing students on grade-appropriate topics like basic math operations and vocabulary. The final piece is a Writing Sample, given to students as a picture prompt for them to write a story about. This unscored piece is used by schools to see a student's personality, creativity, and writing ability.

The Lower, Middle, and Upper Levels each have the same sections, with the only difference being the grade level the content is targeted towards. The Verbal Reasoning section evaluates your student's understanding of grade-appropriate vocabulary, ability to recognize context clues to word meanings and other elements, recognition of prefixes and suffixes and how they can help define an unknown word, and parts of speech.

On the Reading Comprehension section, students showcase their ability to understand passages they read. They prove they can identify the main points and the supporting details and ideas, the purpose, and the piece's tone based on the author's word choices. They'll also infer details and draw conclusions not specifically stated, locate data in the passage and apply it to practical questions, recognize cause-and-effect relationships, and compare and contrast information.

There are two math-related sections on each test. The Math Achievement section focuses on the ability to correctly complete math operations. The Quantitative Reasoning section more about mathematical thinking. Both have problems with numbers and equations, variables and exponents that use algebra, measurement, geometry, and problem-solving skills. The differences between the sections are subtle, and that's something an instructor can discuss during a Washington, DC ISEE class session.

The Essay conveys an indication of your student's personality and writing abilities. Each test provides a prompt reflecting a topic generally interesting to students at the targeted grade level. The way your student responds conveys more about them as a person and as a student.

This is a quick glance at the information your student will be reviewing in their ISEE class or tutoring sessions. If they're taking either the two- or four-week ISEE course and having an especially hard time with one or two topics, you can sign them up for individual instruction sessions provided by Varsity Tutors. They can work at their own pace, taking the time they need with their tutor to fully understand the subject and feel confident they've mastered it.

How do I know which Washington DC ISEE prep study option to enroll my student in?

For some students, the choice will be easy. If your student thrives in a classroom setting, the Washington DC ISEE prep course is probably going to be your best choice. On the other hand, if they're motivated and concentrate better in one-on-one settings, you should consider signing them up for lessons with a Washington DC ISEE tutor. If the choice isn't that obvious for your student, continue reading to learn more about the benefits of each option.

Working in the collaborative environment found in a group class, including one that meets online, can help with learning and retention. Another benefit of the virtual classroom test prep option is the ability to get ideas from the instructor and from other students. Since there's more than content review involved in preparing for a standardized test like the ISEE, those who have taken it previously might be able to offer suggestions on how to handle it when your student runs into a question they don't know, how to make sure they have enough time to finish all the problems within the time limits, and other test-taking strategies. If your student's understanding of the ISEE topics is pretty evenly distributed, and the other factors mentioned here resonate with them, the Washington DC ISEE prep class may be the best choice.

If your student has uneven skills and could use some customization in their ISEE review process, working with a private ISEE instructor might help. When meeting with a group of students, the study schedule can't be changed whenever one or two students need more or less time with a subject. A private tutor can do exactly that, and the ability to customize sessions is probably the best reason to choose this option.

How can I get my student signed up for a Washington DC ISEE prep class or tutor now?

To get started, simply contact Varsity Tutors, answer a few questions about your student's grade level, goals, and your family's schedule, and our educational consultants will sign your student up for the Washington, DC ISEE preparation choice that you feel will work best for your child.

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