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The Advanced Placement program offers three different history programs, including Advanced Placement European History, which covers a period starting from the year 1450. This course focuses on several themes: how Europe and the rest of the world interact, poverty and prosperity, states and other institutions of power, objective knowledge and subjective visions, and the individual and society.

Also known as AP European History, the course is the equivalent of two semesters of a college-level history class. If you’re signed up for this class, you’ll learn skills like interpretation, argumentation, and the ability to analyze evidence. You’ll learn to examine patterns of continuity and change over time and how to categorize historical events and processes by time period, or determine why an event could be a defining moment in history, or why that event is not a defining moment.

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There are many free online flashcards in this set, which provides opportunities to answer multiple-choice questions that are similar to what you’ll see when you sit down to take your AP European History exam and tackle the multiple-choice question section. There are four parts to the AP European History exam: multiple-choice questions, short answer, document based short answer, and a long essay question.

An example question in this flashcard set asks you to identify areas ruled by a dynasty prior to unification in Italy, with five potential answers; another example is a question that asks you to identify groups associated with laissez-faire economics.

You don’t have to answer every question, and you don’t have to work through each of the flashcards in the order that they come up. These flashcards allow you to skip through flashcards that cover topics you’re comfortable with; you can answer a question on a flashcard and then return to the question itself, or go backward through the set of flashcards, if you choose. If you don’t have a lot to of time to devote to reviewing concepts before class, or if you’re settling in for a marathon study session, the variety of questions in these flashcards makes studying simple.

Success in the AP European History course can mean that you earn college credits or are placed into advanced college-level course work when you attend college. If this is what you’re interested in, then these Flashcards for AP European are an accessible option for study aids to help you succeed in this advanced placement course.

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Our AP European History flashcards each contain one question that might appear on the AP European History exam. You can use them to get a comprehensive overview of each topic covered on the AP European History exam one problem at a time, or to do problem drills that focus on particular problem types or content areas found on the AP European History exam.


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