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When you’re studying AP Microeconomics, the class will focus on helping you retain information for the AP exam. However, retaining this material in your mind takes regular practice, which is why Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools offers several study guides and aides for nearly every AP class, including microeconomics. These tools can help you get daily test practice which not only helps you answer questions on the AP exam, but ensures that the concepts of microeconomics are easy to access under pressure.

One of the tools offered in Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools package is the Question of the Day. This tool updates daily with a new question to test your knowledge of Microeconomics. Not only does this simple tool offer you a new question for the best daily test review, but the Question of the Day also offers a side-by-side comparison of all your answers, so you can track which pieces of information you have retained, and which areas you must study more carefully. You can also compare your scores to others who have answered the same question, in order to understand how difficult the question is for everyone who might potentially take the test.

Best of all, the Question of the Day times you when you answer the question. This helps you see when questions are hard, and when questions are easier, for optimized AP Microeconomics test review. More importantly, however, the AP Microeconomics exam is timed. The exam has two parts, and the first is multiple-choice, just like the AP Microeconomics Question of the Day. You will be given 70 minutes to answer 60 questions, which gives you just over one minute to answer each multiple-choice question. Because the Question of the Day times how quickly you are able to answer questions, you can not only discover which concepts you must study in more depth, but you can practice answering quickly and accurately. This can help you get the highest possible score on your exam.

Microeconomics is an area of economic theory which examines the behavior of businesses when they deal with limited resources. There are many vocabulary terms, mathematical ideas, and philosophical concepts that you as the student must understand in order to pass the AP Microeconomics test. While Macroeconomics deals with economies on the national or global scale, Microeconomics appears simpler, because the field examines supply and demand on a smaller scale. However, this is still an intricate subject which requires mastery in order to pass the exam.

Using the free AP Microeconomics practice Question of the Day, along with other study aids and guides offered in the Learning Tools gives you a strong daily test practice. You will be able to look at your improvement over time as you work towards a better understanding of the subject, and how the Microeconomics concepts apply to real life. Valuable skills in numerous concepts of microeconomics are available when you take advantage of the Question of the Day. Start your day off with a new question, and then use the other Learning Tools to round out your daily AP microeconomics test review.

Question of the Day: AP Microeconomics

Consumer income increases at the same time apple growers have pulled in an unexpectedly large harvest? Assuming apples are a normal good and perfect competition, what is the effect on price and quantity in the apple market?

Price indeterminate, Quantity decreases

Cannot determine either price or quantity from information given

Price increases, Quantity increases

Price indeterminate, Quantity increases

Price decreases, Quantity increases

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