Want to review AP US History but don’t feel like sitting for a whole test at the moment? Varsity Tutors has you covered with thousands of different AP US History flashcards! Our AP US History flashcards allow you to practice with as few or as many questions as you like. Get some studying in now with our numerous AP US History flashcards.

Our AP U.S. History flashcards each contain one question that might appear on the AP U.S. History exam. You can use them to get a comprehensive overview of each topic covered on the AP U.S. History exam one problem at a time, or to do problem drills that focus on particular problem types or content areas found on the AP U.S. History exam.


AP U.S. History is an advanced placement course equivalent to two semesters of college-level U.S. History. Successful completion of the course and a passing score on the AP U.S. History exam gives you the option of receiving college credit towards any of 21 college majors with U.S. History as a requisite course. You will be required to demonstrate an understanding of the themes, and the ability to apply historical thinking in the context of U.S. History. Significant study time may be required to master the material, and you can access a multitude of helpful resources with Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools to assist you, including a variety of AP U.S. History flashcards.

The AP U.S. History exam is designed to assess your knowledge of important events in U.S History, and must be completed within the allowed time frame. Considering the time limit and the broad scope of the course curriculum, preparation is vital to passing the AP U.S. History exam. Luckily, you can access Learning Tools to study free online flashcards, and increase your preparation for exam day. You’ll find flashcards that cover the vast topics of U.S. History, with material that spans centuries, from 1491 through the present day. There are seven themes presented in the course, and you’ll find flashcards that address all of the learning objectives of the AP U.S. History curriculum. Flashcards are arranged by category, and you’ll have access to questions that address important concepts, such as American and National Identity, America in the World, Culture and Society, Geography and Environment, and others. Practicing with AP U.S History flashcards online allows you to hone your historical thinking skills, including chronological reasoning, comparing, contextualizing, and developing historical arguments and narrative.

You can easily access AP U.S. History flashcards wherever an Internet connection is available. The flashcards are arranged in chronological order, and each category represents an important time period in U.S. History. Within each period, you’ll find more sub-categories pertaining to U.S. History, such as domestic politics, geography, environment, and culture. After responding to each question, you’ll receive instant feedback with a correct answer and further explanation of the related concept. Repeat each set as needed until you feel confident enough to move on to another subject. You can even add questions to build your own set of online flashcards to ensure you are reviewing the concepts that need reinforcement the most. When you create a Learning Tools account, you will have convenient access to your customized flashcards, and you can even share them with your friends.

If you are looking for additional ways to review AP U.S. History, Learning Tools offer other helpful options. There are several different practice tests with sample questions similar to those you’ll see on the exam. You can also utilize Learn by Concept, an interactive version of the course syllabus, or Question of the Day, a feature that provides a random question each day on the topic of AP U.S. History. Take advantage of the comprehensive AP U.S. History study help and sign up for a free Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools account today.

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