Computer Science Flashcards

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Computer Science Flashcards

Want to review Computer Science but don’t feel like sitting for a whole test at the moment? Varsity Tutors has you covered with thousands of different Computer Science flashcards! Our Computer Science flashcards allow you to practice with as few or as many questions as you like. Get some studying in now with our numerous Computer Science flashcards.

Computer science is a complicated topic, whether you’re a college student beginning your studies, or a professional who has begun working in the field. Some describe it as the study of how to efficiently implement and automate computational processes.

If you’re looking for study tools to help you succeed in learning computer science at the college level or at the professional level, Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools include a set of online flashcards that cover two separate areas of computer science: A+ certification and Computer Science.

Computer enthusiasts who are looking to earn the A+ professional certification to advance their careers have an option in the numerous free flashcards online in this set. Within the A+ certification flashcard set, you’ll cover topics like identifying acronyms, identifying hard drive form factors, determining the appropriate commands to use to obtain specific results, and selection of the appropriate program to use for specific tasks. This set of flashcards presents a multiple-choice question with four possible answers, and will show you what the right answer is, whether you’ve chosen it or not. If you’ve chosen the incorrect answer, you’ll also see an explanation of why the correct answer is the correct one.

If you’re not interested in the A+ certification, but instead are interested in learning about computer science, you’ll probably want to check out the numerous free online flashcards for computer science. These cover topics like object-oriented program design, program analysis, program implementation, operations and algorithms, and standard data structures. The computer science specific flashcards offer five possible answers, but also give explanation of the correct answer.

These flashcards are great if you have a busy schedule and have to balance your studying with a variety of other time-consuming pursuits, like work and other classes. You don’t have to spend hours at a time reviewing these concepts; with the Computer Science Flashcards, you can review as few or as many concepts as you choose. The online flashcards allow you to move through flashcards, skipping questions without penalty, or revisiting questions after you’ve answered them, if you choose.

Setting up an account with Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools web site allows you to track your progress through the flashcards. You can also use the flashcard template to create personalized flashcards to focus on the concepts you struggle with.

Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools also include other ways to study computer science. There is a Diagnostic Test that you can use to find out where your understanding might be weakest. There are many Practice Tests that you can use as you study to judge how well you understand the topic, and there’s an interactive syllabus called Learn by Concept, which allows you to explore different concepts of computer science. The final Learning Tool is the Question of the Day series, which presents a random question related to computer science, which also allows you to determine how well you understand the topic, and if there are areas that you might want to study further.

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