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Question of the Day: GRE Subject Test: Chemistry

Which of the following molecules or ions have the greatest ability to act like a Lewis acid?

Chemistry may be your favorite subject, but if you are applying for graduate school in a chemistry program, you may be required to take the GRE Subject Test in Chemistry. Sometimes even the strongest students can freeze on a standardized test. Therefore, it is beneficial to have a solid study plan in place, so you can make sure you present admissions councils with a clear picture of your knowledge in chemistry. The Question of the Day for the GRE Test in Chemistry is a great way to do that.

By answering the GRE Chemistry Question of the Day each day, you create a daily habit of test practice. The questions you may be presented with through the Question of the Day are randomized based on actual problems that may appear on the GRE Subject Test in Chemistry. They may be pulled from any of the four main areas of chemistry. The randomization of the questions makes the Question of the Day feel like a game, yet offers you practical tools to determine your test readiness. By being exposed to questions from different areas, you are able to get a feel for the questions or topics that may cause you problems on test day. This allows you to take the additional time to focus on these areas.

Answering the Question of the Day consistently can provide you with a broad idea of your knowledge level in the material. From here, you can utilize the other Learning Tools, including Full-Length Practice Tests, Flashcards, Learn by Concept, and shorter Practice Tests focused on specific topics, helping you to create a personalized study plan. These free tools are able to help you streamline your test review.

After you have answered the Question of the Day for the GRE Subject Test in Chemistry, you get a detailed explanation of the correct answer. This is beneficial information to review, whether you answered the question correctly or not. With chemistry, many times the methodology is just as important as the answer, and you want to be sure you came to your answer in the correct method and have a complete understanding of the question.

The Question of the Day also provides a report detailing your performance as a whole based on the number of questions you have answered correct and incorrect. Additional valuable information is also included, such as the difficulty of the questions, how long it has taken you to answer each question (as well as the average time it takes others to answer the questions), and how others have performed in answering each question. These helps you to assess what your strengths and weaknesses are, and help direct your study plan accordingly and improve your time management.

The Question of the Day, along with the other Learning Tools, can be accessed through the website or the mobile application, so test review can be done on the go and fit into even the busiest of schedules. Being prepared is one of the most important ways to ensure you receive a thorough test review.

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