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Question of the Day: SAT II US History

Which Supreme Court case declared the Agricultural Adjustment Act to be unconstitutional?

Mapp v. Ohio

Butler v. United States

Georgia v. Randolph

City of Boerne v. Flores

Gideon v. Wainwright

The SAT Subject Test in U.S. History is one of many your child can take to make their college application more appealing to admissions officers. It’s important to have a full mastery of the information on the 60-minute, 90 multiple-choice question exam. They’ll need to know many historical concepts and facts, cause and effect, geography, and how to analyze history. Also, their skills in interpreting data from charts, graphs, maps, and even cartoons will be assessed. One of Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools is the Question of the Day, which covers a random question every day. It includes the material your child is likely to encounter on the real test. The daily SAT U.S. History practice will expose your child to the facts, concepts, and ideas that have been part of the test in the past. The Question of the Day will not only help them brush up, but also familiarize themselves with the test’s format.

Given there is so much information to cover, the free SAT U.S. History Subject Test practice your child can get from the Question of the Day can be a great help. It covers relevant concepts and topics that your child may face on exam day. The Question of the Day is designed to mimic the exam format. Your child can develop a focused, more personalized SAT U.S. History study plan as they can quickly gauge their knowledge in single topics. They can then concentrate on material they don’t know as well. This makes the study process more efficient, and also gives them an opportunity to prepare well in advance. Daily test review also avoids having to cram in the days leading up to the test; instead, your child can slowly work to build their knowledge.

Once they complete the Question of the Day, your child will immediately see how they did. The answer is also scored in the same manner as on the exam. Scores are broken down into percentiles, so your child can see how many people they outscored, plus other metrics useful for comparing performance. The overview and explanations of each answer provide even more review for the SAT Subject Test in U.S. History. On the results page, one can scroll down to find the correct answer explained, in addition to a link to additional questions, answers, and explanations related to the underlying concepts. These resources can be directly incorporated into your child’s study routine.

The SAT U.S. History Subject Test review provided by the Question of the Day offers more than just practice. It helps to familiarize your child with the test process. While doing well on standardized tests requires knowing facts and concepts, your child must also need to know how to answer the questions. It’s essential for them to be prepared and confident on test day. The daily U.S. History SAT review provided by the Question of the Day on Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools website is a great resource to use as your child prepares for the test.

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