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Question of the Day: AP Physics C: Mechanics

A force of 27N is applied horizontally to a box resting on a level surface. The surface exerts a friction force of 2N as the box moves. If it moves a total of 3.7m, how much work was done on the box?

For high school students who want to major in a mechanics-based field, or mechanical engineering, AP Physics C: Mechanics is the right course to take. This college-level class starts with Newton’s Laws of Physics, and moves on through systems of motion, energy, and power, then through momentum, rotation, circular motion, and eventually, systems of particles. If you’re a student taking AP Physics C: Mechanics, you have a lot of fascinating course material to cover. This will provide you with a step toward your goal. Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools offer a variety of ways for you to study AP subjects like AP Physics C: Mechanics. One of the best options is the Question of the Day, which is a multiple-choice question that is different each day.

Whether you’re taking the class for college credit, or to decide if you wish mechanics to become your future career, you are probably concerned about the final AP exam. The AP Physics C: Mechanics exam covers the calculus behind waves, magnetism, thermodynamics, electricity, and more. In order to pass the AP Physics C: Mechanics exam, you must know a great deal of math, along with physics theory. Because of the complexity of this subject, it is important to study the subject matter continuously, rather than cram at the last minute, and develop daily test review and good study habits.

The Question of the Day can be one of the most important tools for your daily test preparation. Using this tool, you can not only test your knowledge, but see how many AP Physics C: Mechanics Questions of the Day you have answered correctly. This helps you focus your study time, because you can see which areas are weaker for you. You can also compare your answers to other students taking the same class and answering the same questions, so you can see how you rank across the country among other AP Physics C: Mechanics students.

One of the features of Question of the Day test review is the timer. This feature allows you to track how long it takes you to answer questions, and then how long it takes you overall to answer similar questions. With 35 multiple-choice questions to answer in the first section of the test and only 45 minutes to answer these questions, it is important for you to thoroughly know the information, and be able to answer quickly, without too much self-doubt or stress, and you can use the Question of the Day to lower the time it takes you to answer questions. After you answer the Question of the Day, you can even scroll down to see why your answer was right or wrong with a detailed explanation of the concept. This is very helpful for AP Physics C: Mechanics students like yourself, because of the complex calculus equations involved in the subject area.

The Question of the Day is just one of the many great study tools offered by Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools. You can combine answering the daily question with practice tests, flashcards, and Learn by Concept to get a comprehensive review of AP Physics C: Mechanics.

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