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By using this tool daily, you will have the chance to review many different questions that are on the US History I CLEP. With daily practice, you then will feel much more content with your knowledge of US History I. The Question of the Day gets its questions from several US History I CLEP tests that are available to you on Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools website. These tests include all varieties of US History I topics that may be asked on the actual examination. Some of the topics include political institutions, political developments, public policy, social developments, economic developments, cultural and intellectual developments, diplomacy, international relations, the Constitution, political parties and their differences and similarities, American expansionism, major US wars, immigration, internal migration, slavery and resistance, colonial societies, the changing role of religion, and so many others. The Question of the Day should be frequently used to provide you with a quick US History I review that fits perfectly into your hectic schedule.

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Question of the Day: CLEP US History I

How did the concept of Manifest Destiny lead to the Civil War?
Manifest Destiny did not relate to the issue of slavery.
Manifest Destiny pushed for substantial westward expansion, which forced the divisive issue of slavery status in the new states, and ultimately led to bitter conflict.
Those who ascribed to Manifest Destiny believed in the spread of democracy, which they thought could not exist with slavery.
The ideas of Manifest Destiny were expressly pro-slavery and wanted to spread southern culture across the world.
Manifest Destiny pushed Americans to become more passionate and idealistic, leading to polarization in American society.

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