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Question of the Day: GRE Subject Test: Physics

A beam of light travels through a medium with index of refraction  until it reaches an interface with another material, with index of refraction . No light is transmitted into the second material. At what angle (measured from the plane of the interface between the two materials) does the beam hit the second material?

This situation is impossible.

Your application for graduate school contains a number of steps. If you are applying for graduate school in a physics program, one of those steps may be to take the GRE Subject Test in Physics. If that is the case, you will want to have a solid study plan to review physics before taking the exam. The Question of the Day for the GRE Subject Test in Physics is an excellent tool to implement daily test review into your schedule.

The GRE Subject Test in Physics Question of the Day is a daily review that consists of one question. This makes test review much more manageable. The questions are randomized based on the actual problems that may appear on the GRE Subject Test in Physics on exam day. These topics may include anything from electro-mechanics to relativity to astrophysics. Because they are randomized, you will never know what kind of question you will get each day. This will not only introduce you to the wide variety of problems and questions you may see on the exam, but also helps you to assess where you need to focus your studies more. The Question of the Day may expose that you need more attention in quantum mechanics or optics. The free daily test review will also help you to keep the topics fresh in your mind and help you to determine where you are overall with test preparedness.

Once you answer the Question of the Day for GRE Subject Test in Physics each day, you get a detailed explanation of the correct answer. This is beneficial information to review, whether you answered the question correctly or not. Because physics contains a lot of math calculations, many times the methodology is just as important as the answer, and you want to be sure you came to your answer following the proper process.

After you answer the GRE Physics Question of the Day each day, you also get a report detailing your performance as a whole, based on the number of questions you have answered correct and incorrect, the difficulty of the questions, how long it has taken you to answer each question (as well as the average time it takes others to answer the questions), and how others have performed on each question. This helps you to assess what your strengths and weaknesses are, and help direct your study plan accordingly.

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