HSPT Quantitative Flashcards

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HSPT Quantitative Flashcards

Want to review HSPT Quantitative but don’t feel like sitting for a whole test at the moment? Varsity Tutors has you covered with thousands of different HSPT Quantitative flashcards! Our HSPT Quantitative flashcards allow you to practice with as few or as many questions as you like. Get some studying in now with our numerous HSPT Quantitative flashcards.

The standardized High School Placement Test is the nationally recognized placement test required for many private schools. This test is used to determine scholarship qualifications, admission consideration, and specific curriculum placement. There are five main categories on the HSPT that will test your child’s verbal, language, mathematics, reading, and quantitative skills. The quantitative skills section of the HSPT is exceptionally challenging, with over 50 multiple-choice questions to answer in just 30 minutes. Most of the content covered on the quantitative section of the HSPT is curriculum from education taught in elementary and middle school, but additional study preparation is still recommended in order for your child to perform at their best. The free online HSPT Quantitative Flashcards from Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools can be very helpful when it comes to reviewing for the quantitative section of the HSPT.

The Flashcards are designed to enhance your child’s concept-specific HSPT study sessions. They are divided into four main subjects, including number manipulation, number series, geometric comparison, and non-geometric comparison. Your child can select the general HSPT Quantitative Flashcards to study a broad range of categories with sample questions from all four main subjects, or your child can select one of the four main subjects to access more specific HSPT Quantitative study material. This concept-specific structure creates flashcards that can help you quickly assess your child’s strengths and weaknesses among the different concepts.

Each of the flashcards will lead your child to an HSPT Quantitative example question in a multiple-choice question and answer format that simulates the actual HSPT. Once your child selects an answer, the flashcard is flipped and the correct answer is shown on the screen. Just below the correct answer, a detailed explanation showing all of the work necessary to obtain the correct answer is presented, allowing for a thorough learning experience. Each flashcard’s answers are randomly shuffled and reassigned each time your child chooses to revisit that category. This shuffle feature allows for a thorough HSPT review by keeping your child from automatically recalling the answer based on its order in the choices.

Quantitative skills are best practiced alongside mathematical skills. Both areas of focus exhibit your child’s ability to reason quantitatively, understand basic concepts, and solve problems in a quantitative setting. The Flashcards Learning Tool is available in both quantitative and math skills, providing an extensive and comprehensive HSPT review. Other Learning Tools available in both areas of study include Learn by Concept, the Question of the Day, Practice Tests concentrated on specific topics, and exam-mimicking Full-Length Practice Tests. The Question of the Day exercises are a quick way to help your child do a little bit of HSPT Quantitative review each day. Learn by Concept and the Practice Tests have a variety of concept-specific resources to offer flexibility as your child reviews. The Practice Tests allow your child to experience High School Placement Test Quantitative review questions organized by difficulty as well. Utilizing all the Learning Tools together during your child’s study sessions can enhance your child’s study experience as they prepare for the HSPT.

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