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Question of the Day: SAT II Biology M

Which of the following is NOT found in DNA?





Phosphate groups

The SAT Biology M Subject Test is just one of the many SAT Subject Tests covered by Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools. If your child is considering a path in biochemistry or molecular biology at the college level, they will likely have to take this exam. Topics covered by the exam include cellular structure and processes, and concepts such as photosynthesis and respiration need to be understood. Many questions involve problem-solving and the application of the principles your child has studied. A student has one hour to complete the test, which consists of 80 multiple-choice questions. Twenty of the questions are specialized for the Biology M Subject Test. It is graded on a 200 to 800 point system. With the daily SAT Subject Test in Biology M test practice provided by the Question of the Day, your child can study and brush up on fundamental concepts, interpretation, and application of the concepts.

In addition to biology, the test also requires your child to understand basic algebra and be able to make their own observations and conclusions. They’ll need to understand the metric system as well. Since the subject is so broad, a wide variety of skills are needed to succeed. That’s where the Question of the Day comes in handy. This free SAT Biology M Subject Test practice resource offers one random question per day. Each question is pulled from hundreds of practice tests related to the subject, so your child won’t know what they’re going to be asked next. The randomness of questions can help to increase your child’s flexibility in recalling the relevant knowledge and skills needed to answer the Question of the Day’s SAT Biology M sample question.

Each question has been selected based on its relevancy to both the curriculum and the exam. The Question of the Day makes it easy for your child to put a few minutes each day toward SAT Biology M Subject Test review. This Learning Tool is designed to accommodate even the busiest of schedules. After answering the question, your child will see their score, percentile, and other metrics that are similar to those used for standardized tests. It’s easy for your child to track their progress and skill level. Another useful aspect of the results page is the detailed explanation of the answer, plus a link to more questions and study materials on related topics. Your child can incorporate this information into a custom SAT Subject Test in Biology M study plan, too.

The SAT Biology M Subject Test review provided through the Question of the Day is about more than just skills and knowledge. By regularly using this Learning Tool, your child can work toward building their confidence, too. They also have the option of sharing their results and progress on social media, as this free SAT Biology M Subject Test practice is designed to let all students prepare and study efficiently. The daily test practice from Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools offers many different ways for your child to work toward improving their chances for success.

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