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Question of the Day: SAT II Chemistry

Which of the following molecules is not capable of hydrogen bonding?

The SAT Subject Test in Chemistry covers all of the major chemistry concepts your child will need to know entering college. It is meant to gauge your child’s proficiency in the subject, especially if they need to show their strengths to enter a science or engineering degree program. The test is one hour long and has 85 multiple-choice questions. Scored on a scale of 200 to 800, a student must know each of the major concepts to solve problems. They’ll be required to make observations, draw conclusions, and call on their laboratory experience and metric system knowledge. Algebra, ratio, scientific notation, exponents, and other technical concepts will need to be mastered in order for your child to succeed. With the Question of the Day from Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools, a student can efficiently manage their SAT Chemistry study time.

Each of the SAT Chemistry practice questions presented by the Question of the Day have been randomly chosen from hundreds of practice tests. Each day, your child will have the opportunity to explore their strengths and weaknesses. Since it is a skill frequently used in the test, the SAT Chemistry Subject Test practice often involves solving equations. This is one of the important aspects of chemistry, and your child needs to know the right formulas and how to work with them. Not only will they have to know the chemical formulas for specific compounds, but they will also have to perform mathematical calculations with them. The Question of the Day provides exercise for various concepts at random, which can add flexibility to your child’s skills, knowledge, and abilities.

Once the question is answered, your child will see their percentile, the length of time they spent on the problem, and other metrics showing how their performance compares to the average. There’s no time limit on answering any of the SAT Chemistry practice questions provided by the Question of the Day. It does, however, provide an opportunity to focus on any weaknesses ahead of time. The timer can be used to track your child’s abilities and progress. Each of the insights provided are similar to those analyzing the actual test. This may help your child become more familiar with the format, which may help to solidify their confidence come test day.

Daily test practice can sometimes seem tedious, but your child can rest assured knowing their time is being well-spent. The Question of the Day is derived from SAT Subject Test in Chemistry Practice Tests. Your child can incorporate the explanations and concept information at the end of the exercise into their study routine. By working more efficiently, they may cut down on the amount of time needed to review SAT Chemistry while still being exposed to as much of the relevant material as possible. Your child also has the option of sharing their results on a variety of social media websites. This is a unique option that lets your child work with friends and classmates for help, encouragement, and motivation. The SAT Chemistry Subject Test review available through Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools comes with many perks. Your child now has a variety of resources at hand to help them build their understanding at a pace they’re comfortable with.

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