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Question of the Day: College Algebra

Give the solution set of the inequality

College Algebra is a single semester course that goes over the basics of algebra, similar to what one usually learns in high school algebra. You may be placed in this course if you feel you need the additional practice, or if your scores indicated that you needed additional support in the subject. The full course works towards providing the skills necessary to pass the College Algebra test. You can take advantage of Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools, such as the Question of the Day, to provide supplemental practice for your College Algebra exams. You will need to have strong skills in routine problem solving, concepts, and skill application to pass.

Collage Algebra can be broken down into several smaller concepts: exponential and logarithmic function, polynomials, graphs, review, system of equations, and solving inequalities and equations. These are broken further down into concepts like logarithmic functions, exponentials, factoring polynomials, rational expressions, radicals, applications of quadratic equations, solutions and solution sets, and augmented matrices. You will answer questions based on these and other concepts, allowing you free daily test review. The benefits of randomization are present with the daily questions. Since you don’t know what you will get, your mind is caught off guard, readily engaged, and gets tested on reflex skills.

The Question of the Day prevents your mind from fixating on specific concepts and strategies, while giving you the chance to practice what you’ve learned. Each question gives you a detailed analysis on your performance, which can provide interesting insight to your mathematical development. Each question comes from a specific concept, which will be listed upon answering the question. You can determine your overall performance by considering the amount of time it took you to answer, your percentile, and your general record with that concept. If you answered incorrectly, or don’t understand how you got the answer correct, you can read the detailed breakdown of the specific problem. This allows you to see the “why” behind the process along with a step-by-step demonstration.

When it comes to studying with Learning Tools, you have several options to choose from that are designed to optimize your study efforts. If you work with a group, you may find that the flashcards are a fun way to make studying into a game. They are also effective for a quick review of College Algebra. Learn by Concept provides a thorough review of each concept, and you can choose from specific ones to quickly access what you need. There are also College Algebra Full-Length Practice Tests that you can use to assess your preparation for upcoming exams, or determine what concepts you need to focus on most.

With Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools, you can create your own study plan to ensure that you are focused on what you need to do. You can use a combination of the tools to assess your strengths and weaknesses, focus your efforts on specific concepts, and measure your progress as you move through the class. The materials provide excellent supplementation alongside coursework as well.

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