Criminology : Crime and Criminology

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Example Questions

Example Question #1 : Criminology

Crime is divided into two general categories.  __________ offenses are wrong by their very nature and __________ offenses are crimes that are prohibited by law but are not necessarily wrong in themselves. 

Possible Answers:

Mala prohibita. . . mala in se 

Bene in se. . . mala prohibita

Bene in se. . . bene prohibita

Mala in se. . . mala prohibita

Bene prohibita. . . bene in se 

Correct answer:

Mala in se. . . mala prohibita


"Mala in se. . . mala prohibita" is the correct answer. Mala in se offenses are wrong by their very nature, while mala prohibita offenses are crimes that are prohibited by law but are not necessarily wrong in themselves. These definitions of crime are not fixed and change over time as society's values change. Changes in the definitions of crime may occur when a court decides that the criminalization of specific actions also violate constitutional law. 

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