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Example Questions

Example Question #31 : Tachs: Math And Ability

A square has perimeter 24 feet. Give its area.


Possible Answers:

18 square feet

576 square feet

36 square feet

144 square feet

Correct answer:

36 square feet


The perimeter of a figure is the sum of the lengths of its sides. A square comprises four sides of equal length, so, if the perimeter of the square is 24 feet, then each side has length


The area of the square is equal to the length of a side multiplied by itself, so the area of this square is

 square feet.

Example Question #2 : Area Of Squares And Rectangles

Jennifer wants to wallpaper her room which is made up for four rectangular walls each measuring at  feet by  feet. If each roll of wallpaper covers  square feet of space, how many rolls of wallpaper will Jennifer need?

Possible Answers:

Correct answer:


Start by finding out the total square footage of wallpaper needed.

Find the area of one wall. Recall that in order to find the area of a rectangle, you must multiply the length by the width.

Since we have four identical walls,

Now divide this by the amount of square feet covered by each roll of wallpaper to find how many rolls are needed.

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