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Question of the Day: AP US Government

In the Supreme Court case, Mapp v. Ohio, the court ruled that __________.

evidence obtained in violation of the Fourth Amendment may not be used in prosecutions in state courts

Congress has the exclusive right to regulate interstate trade along a river or other body of water

separate, but equal, is inherently unconstitutional

the death penalty was not in violation of the Constitution’s protection against cruel and unusual punishment

state governments are legally required to provide counsel for a defendant who may not be able to afford one

AP US Government and Politics is a course offered to high school students just like you, who want to have a more thorough understanding of how the government of the United States functions. While many history and government classes cover information about the structure of this country’s government, the AP US Government and Politics course, over one semester, goes into much greater detail about how the Constitution has been interpreted over time, how the three branches of government interact with each other, and how lobbyists and political interest groups function in the system. With all the information you will learn in the course, you will need a good study plan to prepare for the AP exam at the end of the semester. This is where Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools Question of the Day can be a great asset.

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