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Question of the Day: Security A+

Your company has a large amount of disposable e-waste. What is the proper procedure for getting rid of it?

Utilizing third-world country options


City dump

Selling / recycling

If you are looking to launch or improve your career in IT, the CompTIA A+ certification may be a good place to begin as it establishes that you have the knowledge and skills needed to be successful. A good study system is necessary to help prepare for taking the exam. Daily test practice through A+ Question of the Day will help you hit the road running.

The A+ Question of the Day is a daily test review where a question is emailed to you, or you can log into the website or the application to access. The questions are based on a number of computer-related subjects, such as hardware, security, troubleshooting, networking, or programming. They are common variations of questions that may be on the A+ certification exam, and they are randomized so you will have a different topic every day.

The daily practice helps to improve and manage your progress throughout your test preparation. There are many features that will help you to determine where your strengths and weaknesses are, and therefore streamline your studying to focus on the areas needed. After completing a question, you get a personalized summary of your performance with the number and percentage of correct answers, and also how long it took you to answer each question. This is particularly helpful as the CompTIA A+ exam only allows you 90 minutes to complete. So if there are areas that may require additional time, you can work on reducing that time, or the time for other areas in which you are already proficient. Overall, you can better plan for the timing of the test, so you won’t be surprised on test day.

When you answer a Question of the Day incorrectly, there is a detailed explanation on what the correct answer is, and if applicable, the steps to reach that correct answer. There are also measurements and graphs on how your answers compare to others who have answered the questions each day. This helps to determine areas that cause many people problems, and may help you to determine that you should further study that topic area.

You can use the Question of the Day to help create a comprehensive and personalized learning experience by combining with the other free Learning Tools, such as Flashcards or full-length Practice Tests.

The Question of the Day is free test practice that is perfect if you have a busy schedule. You can still prepare a little each day, yet don’t have to schedule chunks of time when you don’t have time to spare. Also, there is an application that you can download and study on the go. By taking a little time each day, you can be better equipped to plan your study time accordingly with the areas that need the most attention.

No matter the reason why you are taking the A+ certification exam, by utilizing the free test review tool of Question of the Day, along with the other Learning Tools, you can better prepare to show the world your IT capabilities through successful preparation for the CompTIA A+ exam.

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