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Question of the Day: RMA

Medicare pays what percent of Medicare's allowable charge for a Part B claim?

If you want to help people who are in distress, then becoming a registered medical assistant is a great career choice. However, you must learn to work both on the floor with patients, and also as an administrator. A large part of working as an RMA is filling forms and filing paperwork, which means you must have the skills to understand medical problems, consequent treatment, and how to translate that information into a complete patient file. In order to prove you have this proficiency, you should complete an RMA certification course – which means you must take an exam. Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools offers many great options, like Question of the Day, to help you study for this exam.

RMA Question of the Day is a great way to help you prepare for your certification exam. Rather than waiting until the last minute to cram, RMA Question of the Day encourages you to develop a daily test practice habit. Not only will you get a new question every day, but the questions are based on past RMA certification exams, so you get the best possible preparation in just one small question every day. Not only does Question of the Day show you whether you answered correctly or not, the free online study program keeps track of your right and wrong answers. As you answer more questions over time, you will be able to watch your knowledge improve using the pie chart feature on the answer page. You can also compare your knowledge to other students who are preparing for the RMA certification exam by using Question of the Day.

This RMA daily test review offers other great features, as well. You can not only keep track of your correct answers as your skills improve, you can also scroll to the bottom of the answer page and find a detailed explanation of the correct answer. Even if you got the answer right, this thorough explanation might offer new information that helps you study medical terms and concepts in more depth. You will be better prepared to answer similar questions in the future.

RMA Question of the Day also offers a timer feature. You don’t have to answer the question in a specific amount of time, but you can see how long you took to answer the question. Because your certification exam will have a time limit, it is important for you to get used to answering questions quickly. You must be able to recall correct information fast, and the timer on Question of the Day helps with that. You can also see which subject areas might be tougher for you because you take more time to answer the question – that way, you can focus your RMA test review on the subjects you do not recall as well.

Use the free RMA practice tools offered by Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools to prepare for your RMA certification exam. Question of the Day is just one of the great features offered in this suite of tools.

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