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Students in need of ACT Math help will benefit greatly from our interactive syllabus. We break down all of the key elements so you can get adequate ACT Math help. With the imperative study concepts and relevant practice questions right at your fingertips, you’ll have plenty of ACT Math help in no time. Get help today with our extensive collection of essential ACT Math information.

With colleges becoming increasingly more selective, admissions tests like the ACT have become more high-stakes. Tested in multiple sections, the math portion of the ACT seeks to understand how high school students perform in various algebra, geometry, and pre-calculus skills. With proper study, the ACT math section becomes more straightforward. Additionally, because most students have initial challenges with completing sections within the specified time frame, fluency in the material is helpful in increasing efficiency. Whether you need top ACT Math tutors in AtlantaACT English tutors in Houston, or top ACT Math tutors in San Francisco, working with a pro may take your studies to the next level. 

Students taking the ACT need to understand a fair number of topics, including:

Pre-Algebra: Topics in this section include number lines, decimals, fractions, square roots, exponents, scientific notation, proportions, absolute value, and initial probability. These skills are crucial to understand, as they form the basis of later required knowledge.

Algebra: Evaluating algebraic expressions through substitution, expressing factorial relationships, and solving quadratic equations.

Coordinate Geometry: Recognizing and defining lines, planes, segments, polynomials, circles, and other curves; inequalities; determining slope; and finding the midpoint of parallel and perpendicular lines and segments.

Plane Geometry: Parallel and perpendicular lines form the basis for plane geometry. Students are asked to understand the relationship between the various angles defined by transecting parallel lines. Additionally, students learn how to graph triangles, rectangles, and other geometric figures on the coordinate plane system and use processes like translation, rotation, and reflection to move these figures. Finally, students learn the basics of two column and paragraph proofs. Proving congruence and similarity between triangles is the primary endpoint of plane geometry, as aspects of the coordinate plane system, parallel lines, and transecting lines call all be incorporated into a single problem.

Trigonometry: Understanding of right angles and trigonometric functions like sine, cosine, and tangent are tested in the trigonometry section. Students are often asked to find the value of an unknown variable that requires background knowledge of the trigonometry functions.

Succeeding in the ACT math section often requires visualization of the problem at hand. For students beginning to prepare for the ACT, these are often complex skill sets that take time to build. Beginning with hands-on models like wooden blocks of various shapes or using colored construction paper to denote parts of a shape or line can provide a visual upon which to build the necessary information. You may also benefit from ACT Math tutoring or the free digital ACT prep book offered by Varsity Tutors. 

However, the primary means of succeeding on the ACT math section is protected time to study and do practice problems. Students should plan to review well in advance and review the content before attempting to do an extensive number of practice problems. ACT Math tutors who work with students can often provide the best avenue for studying, as they have extensive test-taking strategies that have proven helpful in the past and numerous practice problems and passages. When you’re ready to start practicing ACT Math problems, you can make use Varsity Tutors’ free ACT Math resources, which include ACT Math flashcards organized by concept . This organization allows you to focus just on the concepts which you find most challenging and use your time most efficiently when studying for the ACT Math section. Each ACT Math problem comes with a complete, detailed answer explanation, so if you miss one, you can figure out in what part of answering the problem you made your mistake. By familiarizing yourself with what sorts of math is covered on the ACT Math section and using Varsity Tutors’ free ACT Math practice problems to review those concepts, you can prepare yourself for test day in no time!

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